Cool Stuff

Traditional Hand Written Signs

Yes, real signwriters do exist, so if you need hand painted signs, you can have them. if you want the old school look which can only be achieved by brush and paint, we can help. Some of those old signs seen on the side of city buildings can be 100 years old...value for momey.







Chalk Boards

The revival in this format is no surprise, it's a unique effect great for Weddings, Hotels, Cafes & Restaurants.




Although used sparingly today, there is nothing quite like neon. Neon signs are a great way to attract attention to your company. Not only are they bright and unique looking, but they also create a fun and exciting atmosphere with their alluring glow. This captivating element is what makes neon signs so effective as a business tool.

Red neon lettering we produced for S.C. Pannell winery cellar door with 3 bird sequence landing on the text.


Fine Art

Co-Owner - Award winning artist Dean Wanstall is totally self taught and a master of contemorary realism. He has a great following specialising in Seascapes, Surf Art and Urban Landscapes, he usually has a few hanging about the studio so drop by to check them out.